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The Only Performance Equipment Trading Platform Will Be Held On May 1 Launched
Jul 02, 2016

On April 23, the "future development of China industry trade" industry seminar with the theme of "three performing arts performance equipment one-stop trading platform online" news shows will be held in Beijing's great Hall of the press room. This play on the China market norms and fast lifting is of milestone significance. The meeting, the upcoming May 1 officially launched "three acting" performance equipment one-stop service platform becomes the focus of the participants. "Three acting" platform for the healthy development of the industry with a new vigor and vitality, and will certainly promote the depth of the industry change and development.

In recent years, China's booming entertainment business, performances of overwhelming, which stimulated the development of performance equipment rental industry, new equipment, stage lighting, sound, LED video after another. With such a complex market situation, market did not keep pace with the performance, but still kept the traditional transaction methods, more and more progress to catch up with the ever-changing industry.

Insiders noted that the result is show business deals behind the main internal cause of the industry barriers. Performance equipment rental services have been relatively close, turnover is high, but relatively few employees, low degree of Internet, slow pace of industry evolution, which is in stark contrast to the current surge in show business.

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