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The 11th China International Entertainment And Science And Technology Forum Successfully Held
Jul 02, 2016

On June 6, the 11th China International entertainment and technology forum was held in the Radisson Hotel. From China, the United States, and Germany and the United Kingdom and other countries of the cultural industry experts gather together in one place, around the theme of entertainment technology and art, a keynote from their professional point of view. Industry experts from all over the world, and the science and technology enterprise, professional and technical personnel more than 240 people come to forums and listened to keynote speaker brings high-end international forward concepts.

This forum by China Entertainment Technology Association, the Ministry of science and technology China technology market management promotion center and bodies such as the British man exhibition limited, jointly organized by the Beijing performing arts technology magazine, performance venues and equipment of China Entertainment Technology Association professional Committee to undertake. Culture, science and Technology Division of the Ministry of culture to support the unit.

Forum chaired by the Lao Weijie, President of China Entertainment Technology Association. China performing arts equipment technology association, Chairman of Zhu Xincun in Mr in the introduced has China International performing arts equipment and technology forum more than 10 years of history and function, he stressed, Forum since 2002 created, after more than 10 years efforts, has growth for discussion performing arts equipment technology development trend, concern industry technology application and market development, spread both at home and abroad innovation concept and innovation technology, spread world frontier technology, and promoted performing arts equipment industry technology progress of important academic platform.

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