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Stage Lighting Equipment In The Difference Between Lighting And Par Light
Jul 02, 2016

In stage lighting equipment there is so many different kinds of stage equipment, including moving head lights, LED lighting, high power LED, laser lights and other lighting accessories. In these lighting fittings, lighting and par light and different? General mean P64 par light stage lighting, which is generally fixed, stage lights lamp color paper, can also be installed for the color picker. Lighting refers to the moving head lights, you can set up various designs, could transform back along with the rhythm of the music. P64 price more than 10 times, or even dozens of times, hundreds of times.

As the most widely used stage lighting equipment, moving head lights are used in many fields, whether it is television, stage performances, exhibits show extensive use of computers can be seen lighting the lighting fittings. Moving head light is a set of electronic, mechanical and optical high-tech products. Qualified moving head light, must be reliable, excellent light efficiency, positioning accuracy, heat, stage lighting equipment and materials structure having light meets the ergonomic requirements, meet the light, color, speed, direction, effect, heat, noise, locating elements needed.

Lighting and par light is to highlight different features and settings, in different phases, different scenarios play a different kind of charm, and increase the effectiveness of the stage.

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