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Shanghai Modern Circus Tent To Meet The Needs Of Various Performances
Jul 04, 2016

Recently, the Shanghai acrobatic troupe in rehearsal in the new circus tent Theatre acrobatic play of the 12 animals of the Chinese customs, the facilities to test the mobile theatre. It is reported that this is China's first modern high-end circus tent.

From France the introduction of modern circus tent equipped with 1900 seats, can meet the needs of various large aerial acrobatics performances. Featuring task of testing is the brand repertoire of the 12 animals, Phoenix circus company built in Paris in Shanghai acrobatic troupe had performed in the world's largest circus tent more than more than 70, and in France and neighboring countries over more than 30 city tour. Audition for the team and play for going to France, player-wise, the Chinese acrobatic Theatre mobile theater plays in his first appearance.

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