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General Performance Stereo Audio And Peripherals Configuration
Jul 02, 2016

General performance sound, the request can meet the auditory effects of indoor and outdoor theatrical performances required, thereby creating a rich and varied layered audio enjoyment. Audio system is to collect, replay the audio signal of a complete audio calibration system design positioning is the key to integrated audio system. To configure audio and peripherals, the following requirements:

According to the original sound pressure level not less than 112dB, field uniformity of 400 cubic meters of 45/1S, 50HZ-18KHZ frequency response requirements, the system is configured with 4 main PA box, 2 ultra-low-frequency return to listen to speakers, 2 speakers-only.

Main spread sound system speaker selection 4 only a international well-known brand of 15 "main spread voice box, single speaker 500W/8 ω, frequency response 45Hz-20kHz, sensitivity 102dB; its unique of 72 core treble Horn used 90*40 treble radiation Horn, makes high frequency radiation device analysis force more high, and penetrating force more strong; combined high performance in the bass unit, makes speaker high, and if clear delicate, timbre bright; in the, and low frequency rich powerful, no frequency ring SAG, special applies Yu performances system using (   Effectively overcome feedback feedback problems caused by the uneven frequency response curve). Ultra low frequency speaker using 2-a world-renowned brand of double 12 "super low frequency speakers, single speaker 750W/4 ω frequency response 37Hz-500Hz, sensitivity 98dB; enhanced low-frequency effects.

Return to listen to the speakers of the system used in order to increase the actor and the band's own listening and presentation needs, set back to listen to speakers 2, the sensitivity of 102db, each rated at 300W/8 ω.

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