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Entertainment Technology Fair Share Under The New Situation In Transition Break
Jul 05, 2016

April 28, 2016, China performing arts equipment technology association first to tenth a area group members research Assembly in Guangzhou Yong into big hotel held, Conference to "new situation Xia of new thinking, and technology, and new mode" for theme, combined now traditional manufacturing development of dilemma, proposed established performances venues security monitoring standard for stage performances escort, and discussion Internet times performing arts equipment industry how achieved wisdom transformation, integration resources with new platform meet new of opportunities.

Under the new form: a new model of Internet + performing arts technology

Three basic sound CEO Dr. GE Zheng talk about three checked views on Internet based Wen Ke, nature + of the Internet is based on the Internet technology reconstruction business and management models, and spoke of the Internet is reflected in six areas, cross-border consolidation, driven by innovation, reshaping structure, user experience and an open ecosystem, connecting everything. Internet + of Division system is socialization collaborative, and with Internet on traditional enterprise not only produced has impact, also to traditional manufacturing brings has many welcome of changes, production mode from big bulk low cost began to small bulk, sales mode also from factory to points pin business to user, and to saves dealer directly from factory flow to user, had of large inventory also ceased to exists, zero inventory became may, zhiqian of bombarded of advertising marketing mode also to more precise to guide, management mode also more precise in place. + The Internet has forced industry upgrade, customization becomes more popular demand, cloud computing, big data, Internet, industry 4.0 to combine to better services for the entertainment industry.

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