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Entertainment Industry This Year Is Expected To Reach 34 Billion Yuan Last Year, 7%
Jul 02, 2016

Domestic entertainment industry production value will reach 34 billion yuan this year, 7% over the last year or so. Recently, this reporter from the Shanghai International Exhibition Center and Frankfurt (Hong Kong) limited jointly hosted the 2014 Shanghai International exhibition of professional lighting and audio conference was informed, our cultural and creative industrial clear product and services highlighted in green and energy-saving and environmental protection-oriented, it is also a market signal, entertainment market demand in the future will favor green, energy saving and environmental protection products. The next 3 years in the industry, and will maintain moderate growth growth percent a year.

It is reported that the exhibition will take place in October 2014 8-11th in Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the accumulated brand exhibition after 11 years, have grown into entertainment, entertainment industry global platform to showcase new technologies and products.

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