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China Entertainment Technology Association
Jul 02, 2016

China Entertainment Technology Association was founded in 1991, by the People's Republic of China Ministry of culture in charge, with community groups legal personality of social organizations at the national level, is China's entertainment industry with authoritative representatives of the Organization, leading the coordination of national economic and technological development of the entertainment industry. Chinese social organizations of the Ministry of organization assessment level, our Association was awarded the highest rating-"5A"-level national industry association honors.

China performing arts equipment technology association has units members more than 1400 more than (as June 2012), throughout country, are for performing arts equipment industry engaged in research, and production, and distribution, and engineering of units, collection has large professional audio, and professional lights, and stage mechanical, and West instruments, and sound video, and venues equipment, professional of excellent enterprise; has more than 140 over personal members, are for from levels culture units, and art college, and performances groups, and research institutions, and backbone enterprise of Professor, and experts, and celebrities, and Senior engineering and technical personnel, and so on.

China performing arts equipment technology association in new era of approach and target is: in Deng Xiao-ping's theory and "three a representative" important thought guide Xia, according to science development views and building harmony social of requirements, seeking, reform innovation, in full industry in the implementation technology of, and standardization, and standardized strategy; implementation products brand strategy; led full industry by big to strong development, makes performing arts equipment industry became China modern construction in the a full vitality and vitality of industry.

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