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2015 Stage Lighting Art Features And Technology Forum Held In Guangzhou
Jul 02, 2016

October 15-17th, "Summit Entertainment Technology Development--2015 stage lighting art features and technology forum" held in Guangzhou. This forum by China Entertainment Technology Association professional Committee of performance venues and equipment. China performing arts equipment technology association, Chairman of, and performances venues equipment professional Committee Director Zhu Xin village, China performing arts equipment technology association Deputy, Chairman of Liang Zhiyuan, and Fu Gaowu, Association performances venues equipment professional Committee Deputy Director Liu Dean, and Secretary-General Zhao Tonghua, performances venues equipment professional Committee professional lights group part members, Guangzhou, to of performing arts equipment Enterprise representative, and lights designer and the China performing arts technology network reporter, more than 60 more than people participate in has activities. Performance venues and equipment energy industries Association Secretary-General Zhao Tonghua presided over the event.

Final, Zhu village summed up. He said, this forum is the Association's first discussion on art and technology, combined with activities, is a useful experiment, next to sum up the domestic and abroad there is a certain difference in technology and art, we want to communicate more, catch up with advanced concepts; associations work but also in international exchanges, manufacturers and enterprises exchanges and strengthen detection and evaluation of three. Zhao Tonghua expert member, hope that many recommendations of Joint Committee work.

This activity is an excellent fusion of technology and art attempt to enhance light communication experts, designers and luminaire manufacturers, leading lighting companies understand light art demands more meet the needs of theatrical lighting equipment, research and development, has played a positive role in promoting.

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