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Stage machinery maintenance
Jul 05, 2016

Wipe equipment maintenance is through cleaning, lubrication, adjustment method of equipment care, to maintain and protect the technical condition of equipment performance and technical activities. Equipment maintenance is to keep the equipment clean, lubrication good and safe operation, which includes timely tighten loose fasteners, adjust the gap and position of the moving parts, as well as maintain the original state of equipment. Cleaning, lubricating, tightening, adjust is the maintenance of basic content. Practice has proved that the life is to a large extent depends on the quality of maintenance. Equipment maintenance includes routine maintenance and periodic inspections.

Equipment check is a program of preventive examinations, checking means other than human senses, also needs checking tools and equipment, equipment checking shall be executed in the inspection plan. Equipment check includes the operation of the equipment, working accuracy, functionality, wear or corrosion to the measurement and calibration. By examining the comprehensive grasp of technical condition and wear of the machine equipment to identify and eliminate hidden dangers, getting ready for a destination to do repair work, to improve the repair quality, shorten the repair time. Equipment inspection is divided into daily inspection and periodic inspection.

Equipment repair

Equipment repair means repair routine or abnormal reasons caused by the deterioration of equipment damage and accuracy, by repair, replacement parts of wear and tear, aging, corrosion, and can make the device performance is restored. Equipment maintenance and repair are different aspects of maintenance, due to inadequate job content and the difference between the two cannot be substituted, but separately, so that mutual coordination and complementarity. Equipment repair methods are commonly used: force repair, periodic repair; repair after checking.

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