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Stage lighting development
Jul 05, 2016

Early history of theatre has performed with open or half open, with the Sun as the light source. But as the venue moved into an indoor or evening performances, began to appear in stage lighting. According to written records, after 1102, China's Northern Song dynasty bianliang, performances for Lantern Festival "theater" stands mulei downstairs workshop stage, Duo hanging upstairs, on both sides of the ball, Zhang Yu, internal combustion Rafter candle, this is the beginning of Chinese artificial light sources. 16th century European outdoor night-time performances are made with resin-soaked rope Gou lamp as the light source. 15~16 century, the Italy test of shade lighting the set designer. Early 17th century Italy who control lights flash down in performance tests. France-classical performances have been a change of day and night time how to try. Since the 18th century, the show goes out when the audience lights, stage lighting, it has become customary. 1755 Theatre Opera in Dresden when the Yeo, lit a candle on the stage as many as 8000. Since 19th century, the light changes quickly. 1808 London gas lights on the Center Theatre was first used. Because the gas can be controlled using pipes and shading to spread. English h. delamengte invented the lime light on stage producing light similar to sunlight or moonlight. 1870 United Kingdom used lime light as a spotlight, and painted in lime light glass cover on the light effect. 1846 the Paris Opera for the first time using the arc light, and colored silks and intelligence arc light filters and created with 5 consecutive light changes from sunrise to sunset stage of the entire process. In early 20th century, after the advent of tungsten lamp, spotlights in the provided light for stage set, stage and performance space, create an atmosphere of the stage have provided favorable conditions. The inventions of dimmer, light system of unified management and the use of filters, enhanced expressiveness of stage lighting. 1920 Italy who m. fo er designed a soft light reflector system, using ARC light source reflected from the silk to imitate nature's manifestations of light and color the sky illusion.

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