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Stage lighting design knowledge
Jul 05, 2016

To do a professional stage lighting configuration, we must first understand commonly used light stage lighting. An important part of this is the correct choice of configuration. 1, surface light: from front to the stage at the top of the audience, the main function for the character shop front lights and the entire basic dye.

2, slap in the face: in both sides of the estuary, Brooklyn to the stage light, is divided into several layers, main light, enhancing facial lighting, increased figures, scenes of icing.

3, naked light (also known as side light): light projections on both sides, mainly for the characters or scenes of the two side lights, and increase the sense of icing, outline.

4, the top light: light from above the stage on the stage, from the front to the rear, there is a row, the second row of top light, three top light ... ... And so on, is mainly used for general lighting of the stage, enhanced stage illumination, and has a lot of exposure to the point of scenery, props, depends mainly on the top to solve the problem.

5, backlight: inverse projection of the stage (such as exposure to light, qiaoguang reverse), outlining the contours of the characters, King said, enhanced sense of depth and a sense of transparency, but also as a specific light source.

6, qiaoguang: on stage at the bridge on both sides of the stage, mainly to aid the naked light, enhanced sense of depth, also used in other light-orientation of the projection for the inconvenience, but also as a specific light source.

7, foot: from stage projection of light on the front panel, main auxiliary lighting and elimination of high exposure such as the light of face and JAWS formed by the shadow.

8, world ranked light: from above and below the canopy to canopy light, mainly for lighting and sky color changes

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