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Stage design
Jul 05, 2016

Stage design is the "stage" for the design of the subject matter, more fine and stage equipment, lighting, screen, sound, performance props, suspension and replacement of the stent system, costumes, play makeup for the design of the subject matter. And display design similarity is that the subject matter is "supporting role", "performance" when the main character. In addition, stage design also has a plot with the time dimension attributes. Degree of exquisite stage design classification can be divided into open-air outdoor, mobile stage, indoor stage three and stage design on the development of Western and Chinese are also different types of. In Western, Renaissance period stage design has larger of technology breakthrough, including: frames type stage, and perspective set, and fake perspective, and fast (rotating) replaced of side scene system and so on, not only makes to plays and Opera for core of "stage" design, became Western stage design of main work content, more through Renaissance movement, makes this stage design from Italy fast of spread whole Western world. On stage design by processing of content,, main has Auditorium, and stage, and background three most, Auditorium including seat seats, and audio environment, and perspective vision, and entry appearances path, and physical environment; stage including lights, and cloth scene, and audio, and performances props, and suspension and replaced bracket system, and play clothing, and play makeup and so on; background including dress up makeup, and civil and military field (band), and interlude channel, and basic props furnishing, and and prepared appearances space and so on. Stage design needs including: performance (or play) knowledge, painting, stage props (arts and crafts), stage lighting, props and clothes ' fashion evolution of knowledge, knowledge of music and Opera, audio control knowledge and so on.

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