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Set devices installed on the stage plate
Jul 05, 2016

  Turntable 1758 Japan first used a wooden truss on the Kabuki stage turntable, 1896 Germany stage mechanic Lawton Schrag in the Munich turntable of regional theaters first installed a metal truss, it soon after promotion in the theater in Europe and the United States. Turntable function is both devices several sets, saved procedures and time for King, the show used the rotation of the turntable can also produce many special theatrical effects. Turntable when installed in a frame on a proscenium stage, its diameter exceeds the width of the mouth. Turntable can be installed out of the arena, theatre equipment dual-ring polycyclic turntable turntable or.

  lifts began after the Renaissance of Italy Court Theatre, but use hydraulic machine of large metallic truss lift, first appeared in the Budapest Opera House completed in 1884, in a theater in Europe after promotion. Lifts are made for large area Board of downs, providing vivid dispatch point for the show. In addition can also lift some special theatrical effects. After entering the 20th century theater, extensive use of lifts, which is also used to change the form of the stage and the Auditorium, one of the most simple one is the rising orchestra pit lift platform to expand the area of the stage. Some theaters that can be changed, use of lift movements to shorten distance between audience and actors in order to achieve that are beyond the reach of traditional theater audience relationship with the actor. Most famous in this regard is the Federal Germany Mannheim Theater little theater and Khao TI snow according to the Office of the National Theater in London.

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