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Installed on top of the fence at the top of the stage sets of equipment
Jul 05, 2016

 curtain call curtain or screen, mounted behind the picture frame proscenium. Contemporary playwrights often use its opening and closing the play begins and ends or divided into play paragraph. In Europe until the late 19th century, the curtain is a kind of painted mural backdrop, silting in some theaters of the country remains so far. After gradually changed into a plain curtain. Its opening and closing movements, off-book-, butterfly and so on.

 false proscenium which is about one meter behind another set of retractable, which originated in Germany, it is divided into two vertical frames and suspended above the cross. 3 shelf movements can make the area larger or smaller. Rack can load a lot of lighting and manipulate the lamps behind personnel.

 hangers for hanging scenery, curtains and lamps and other lifting devices. Boom arrangement of design principles, technical parameters have been included in some countries Theatre building codes. Not on a proscenium stage, often arranged in different ways to suit different needs a certain amount of boom or lifting points. Is the most important stage of the hangers.

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