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Hung the stage machinery
Jul 05, 2016

Configuration design of lighting system hanging machinery:

1) bar 1: located in the inside of the mouth, used to display slogans of the Conference, highlighting the Conference theme (also to avoid entering the stage from the audience view).

2) stage 1: following the monogram, even in the form of telescopic type, stepless speed control outside an open, uniform, butterfly curtains, we selected for you is speed off the curtain system; the curtain is the stage portal, is one of the main screen on the stage facilities. It is mainly used to show the beginning and end of the headstock, sometimes used as a curtain.

3) stage 1: subjective basis consistent with the curtain, choice is electric split systems; as main stage curtain, which is mainly used in solos, singing, solo performers, such as end of the scene, as well as fragments in all kinds of drama, Opera, using his opening and closing change sets and props.

4) background (sky) 1: types of lift boom, such as garlands and stationary. Using stationary backdrop, sky is the backdrop for transmission performance slide show screen. In the show, based on plot developments, switch to a different scene or scene, slide under transformation, the viewers an immersive feel.

5) stage lighting poles 5: light bar to install the stage lighting, meet different performance replace, save time and effort, easily and quickly. Top Rod over the stage 2, light bar 2, background lighting Rod 1.

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