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How to quickly and efficiently removing noise in professional sound system?
Jul 05, 2016

As we all know, in the stage show, live sound reinforcement, audio systems, the noise problem is a common and very painful problem. The noise produced by a stereo system and situation is different, it may come from multiple sources, sound engineer, respond to complex analysis, judgment, are processed separately. Noise can come from three sources: first, the improper connection of the equipment: two is the inherent noise of the device itself: three is the noise of the power supply.

Eliminate the improper connection of the equipment caused by noise

Impedance matching in audio systems, almost all devices using bridging mode, that is, the output impedance of the device designed to be small, the input impedance is very large. This is due to the system, unless the signal is transmitted over a long distance, but generally are treated as short-term treatment. And end of signal level and signal quality transmission, and load changes do not affect the signal quality. When the signal source is a constant voltage source, or when the load resistance much larger than the signal source resistance, to meet the above requirements.

Secret second elimination equipment the inherent noise

Open sound system: boot sequence is in the order signal flow opened step by step. After power on, noise in the speaker out. First of all, you can turn off the power supply of the wireless microphone receiver, debate whether there is any noise if noise disappears, then the proof of noise is generated by the wireless microphone receiver: If the noise continues, then prove that noise is not generated by the wireless microphone receiver can detect other units.

Tip three elimination of power supply noise

In order to eliminate the noise of SCR, the most effective way is the second phase of three-phase power supply for use by light, another as a dedicated audio system. So you can avoid the interference of light Silicon-controlled.

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