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Classification of stage lighting
Jul 05, 2016

Stage lighting according to the optical structure can be divided into the floodlights, spotlights and slide three categories; according to the parts that are installed on the stage and light, ears, feet, columns, top row, row, row of light as well as flow of light-. Flood light system is one that can be made uniform and soft light and lighting lamps can illuminate a certain direction. Separate flood and the top row of lights, the footlights and curtain lights for lighting canopy, painting scenery or play area. Focusing system that emits a directional and can control the light range of lamps. Is applying the principles of refraction through lens voted in a different spot. Use soft lenses can produce a soft spot. Reflection optics made concentrated light back light. Slide system is in front of the spotlights and a set of lenses makes it light Imaging. This slide can be divided into: ① slide image projected slide show; through the rotating disc type chain with clouds, water, fire activity, such as image in landscape shots-view slide; use of long focal length objective lens so that small spot a clear image. Prominent protagonists chasing lights about ellipsoidal surface concave mirror lamps called modeling lights.

Stage lighting control system can effectively control and deployment of all lamps and harmonize the artistic effect. It consists of power distribution Board, dimmers and total control consists of three parts.

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