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Classification of stage equipment
Jul 05, 2016

In all area, and national and all history times in the, plays performances using stage equipment of habits is different of, for example ancient Greece Theatre in the using had drop artifact, ancient Rome stage Qian also using had by Xia up rises of Qian scene, Renaissance period Italy famous artist Leonardo da Vinci in drama activities in the had design had turned Taiwan, Italy stage Shang also had using had suspension Trapeze and set of mechanical system and to human mechanical manipulation replaced side scene set of whole mechanical system. In Japan, Kabuki artists and wood three-invented and used the wooden table. Chinese Qing court hadused human winch equipment movements the actors on the stage rise lifting system. After entering the age of electricity, countries around the world, in the theatre building and use of stage equipment have traditionally retained a number of individual features, general trends are getting closer, and form a set of practices:

Data analysis displayed, in recent years, China performing arts equipment industry assets and main income scale growth more fast, but enterprise number and personnel number growth more slow; Enterprise ownership structure to private economic mainly, human resources structure differentiation obviously; stage mechanical industry concentrated degrees high, professional audio and lights industry concentrated degrees lower; manufacturing enterprise main concentrated in long triangle and beads triangle, other type enterprise distribution more wide; system integrated and development design enterprise profit capacity strong, low-end assembled link profit capacity weak And some products are close to the internationaladvanced level, but most of the product is still a considerable gap. The entertainment industry should improve the innovation ability as the core, to promote science and technology progress and develop independent brands, enhance performance equipment company's technical strength and the overall strength of the industry.

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